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Product description Securifi Almond - World's First Touchscreen Wireless WiFi Router (3 Minute Setup) Almond is a revolutionary device that brought touch to Wireless Routers for the first time in history. No PC/MAC required for setup with all setup and maintenance available from the Almond’s touch screen interface. It’s nothing like any Router you’ve ever seen. As reviewed by the New York Times, CNBC, CNET and over 11,000 satisfied owners. Revolutionary Touch Screen WiFi Router + Range Extender Almond is the most intuitive Router and our 1st generation product that brings touch to Wireless Routers for the first time in history. For the first time, users can setup & maintain their router easily from its highly intuitive touch screen.You can avoid the cumbersome PC/Mac based setup that is common with other routers. MULTI-PURPOSE: Use it either as a Wireless Router or a Range Extender / Repeater or an Access Point or a Wireless Bridge! If you already have an existing router but are not happy with its range, Almond can help you extend its range wirelessly! also, It is compatible with most routers from Apple, Netgear, Linksys, Cisco, Belkin, Dlink, Asus, Verizon, AT&T, etc. Almond can be used as a full-featured Wireless WiFi Router with speeds up to 300Mbps. Just connect it to your Cable/DSL/Fiber modem and follow the intuitive on-screen instructions to set it up. You can also connect your older devices (PC/TV) that only have Ethernet to a WiFi network. SECURITY: Securifi takes Security very seriously. Unlike other routers, Almond is fully secure out of the box. Also, each Almond ships with a unique and random name (SSID) and password set at the factory. Almond default SSID's 'nomap' tag prevents your router from being recorded in Google's Location Tracking Database. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Wireless Compability: 802.11bgn Speed: 300Mbps MIMO, 2 antennas Ports: 2 LAN + 1 WAN Ports Power Supply: 5V, 1A Port Forwarding, Firewall, DMZ, UPnP Almond talks to Amazon Alexa! Now you can control your smart deviceswith voice commands through the Amazon Alexa. The Almond pairs with Alexa so you can control Home/Away modes and Scenes you’ve created. ​For example 'Alexa, tell Almond to activate Movie Scene' or 'Alexa, tell Almond to set Home mode'. So yes, in a manner of speaking, you are able to talk to your house. You can also manage your WiFi device with features like voice activated Parental Controls and Guest Networks. What more? Have lights, switches, or thermostats unsupported by Alexa? Almond’s seamless integration with Alexa Smart Home enables voice control for all these devices, as long as they are connected to Almond. What More?! Network Notifications Anywhere Do you know who is using your Wi-Fi network and for how long? Easy! Enable notifications to know whenever anyone joins or leaves your WiFi network. Block Unwanted Devices You may have given your password to a neighbor and now want to get them off your WiFi network? No need to go through the trouble of resetting your password. A simple tap in the Almond app will block them. Parental Controls With so many devices in your house, it is difficult to keep track of your children’s surfing habits. Our parental controls enable you to schedule and manage the amount of time they spend online. Features & details 95% of customers SET IT UP IN 3 MINUTES using Touchscreen Wizard; World's 1st TOUCHSCREEN RouterNO PC/Mac/CD needed for Setup or ManagementMULTI PURPOSE USAGE: Use as primary WiFi Router or Range Extender or Access Point or Wireless Bridge - No built-in DSL modem
Hp Elitebook 745 G2 Amd A6
Hewlett Packard Elitebook 745 G2 AMD A6 PRO-7050B R4, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C + 3G 2.20 GHZ Memoria RAM de 6 GB. Disco duro sólido de 200 GB. La duración de la batería es de 3 hrs aproximadamente. Cuenta con su cargador original.
Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 P25W-C2300-4K Seminuevo. Con una impresionante pantalla táctil de 4K UHD y diseño convertible flip-y-pliegue, el radio Toshiba Satellite 12 ofrece una vista perfecta cada vez. Su pantalla giratoria de 360 grados se puede utilizar en cinco modos de ordenador portátil, tableta, tablero de la mesa, la presentación y la audiencia para una gran variedad de opciones versátiles. Y con un procesador Intel Core 6ta GEN i7, 256 GB SSD (Disco estado solido ) rápida y delgada y ligera, y la prima de sonido DTS, el radio por satélite 12 es un portátil increíblemente bien redondeado. Pantalla: 12.5 en la pantalla táctil LED 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), Procesador: Intel Core i7-6500U 2.50 GHz con Turbo Boost de hasta 3.10 GHz Memoria: 8 GB LPDDR3 de 1600 MHz Tamaño del disco duro: 256 GB SSD Sistema operativo: Windows 10 Home, de 64 bits Inalámbrica: conectividad de próxima generación de Intel Wireless-AC Unidad óptica: Ninguno unidad de medios: lector de tarjetas SD Audio: DTS de audio con altavoces Harman / Kardon Vídeo: Intel Graphics HD 520 con memoria de gráficos compartida Puertos: 2 USB 3.0 (1 cargo); 1 USB Tipo-C; HDMI; salida de auriculares / combo de entrada de micrófono Batería: 3 celdas de iones de litio (hasta 6,5 horas) Cámara: Cámara web integrada Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 Teclado: El teclado retroiluminado WiDi: Secuencia de entretenimiento desde su ordenador portátil al televisor Dimensiones: 11.80 x 8.20 x 0.61 in (299,72 x 208,28 x 15,49 mm) Peso: 2,87 libras (1,30 kg) Color: Metal cepillado Acabado
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